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Quotes Dr. Guerrera is the best thing that ever happened to rabbits in our area! When no one else can diagnose a problem, he'll take it on, and won't quit until he's succeeded. He has saved many of our shelter's rabbits with what seem like miracles! He is constantly researching, and staying abreast of the latest in exotic medicine. It's obvious that his goal with each and every patient is to win the battle with injury or disease, and return that patient to the best level of health possible. In addition, he's personable and patient. He listens carefully to bunny parents' concerns and descriptions of symptoms that don't always appear obvious in the clinic (since adrenalin can mask them). Anyone who doesn't take advantage of his "Bunny Hopline" is missing an incredible opportunity! He is such an excellent veterinarian that people bring their rabbits to him from as far away as Wyoming and Grand Junction. Quotes
Incredibly satisfied chapter manager

Quotes Receiving your advise saved Beethoven's life. Beethoven was diagnosed with Psuedomonas in his middle ear. After almost one year of treating the ear with oral antibiotics, injectable antibiotics, and ear flushing, my rabbit-savvy vet advised me that Beethoven must have bulla osteotomy surgery. However, this had been attempted on two other bunnies without success, resulting in euthanization. So I joined Bunny HopLine and asked Dr. Guerrera for advise. He urged me to contact Dr. Avery Bennett, who pioneered the procedure, and was on staff at the University of Illinois Veterinarian Teaching Hospital (3 hours from St. Louis.) Dr. Bennett performed surgery on Beethoven in April, 2011. Beethoven is completely cured and will be turning 9 this month! Next week our HRS Chapter Manager and I will be taking two of our English Lops to the U of I for double bulla osteotomy surgeries. Thank you, Dr. Guerrera for your sound advice! Beethoven thanks you, too! Quotes
Bulla Osteotomy for Beethoven

Quotes A huge thank you to Dr. Bill Guerrera for this service. I have been a member for the last year and he has answered my questions quickly and throughly and it has been a tremondous help and life saver! Rabbits, and rabbit medicine/vetting is not where dog and cat is today - it takes a special vet who has worked hard to understand all that rabbits need and the up to date protocols of rabbit veterinary procedures, diagnostics and surgery. It is a true blessing to have this service from Dr. Guerrera to get a second opinion, have your vet call him or just ask a personal question about your own bunny. Dr. Guerrera is an exotic vet who has specialized in rabbits - with over 60 percent of his patients being rabbits - and I want to thank him for being willing to share his knowledge with others to save more rabbits lives. The more we all know about rabbits and their needs the better - I encourage everyone who loves their rabbits to use this service also - what a bargin! Quotes
Co-Chapter Manager - Georgia House Rabbit Society

Quotes Boy has this been a good investment! With 20 rescue rabbits in my care I've had some really gnarly questions for Dr. G. His answers have been research-based, prompt, detailed, and have helped me make treatment decisions with my local vet. Having such a wealth of fantastic information just a question away is a resource I am very grateful for. Quotes
Sanctuary mom