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General Questions

  1. Does the question have to be about rabbits?

    No.  You can ask anything veterinary related.  My general interest is exotic medicine, specifically rabbits, but my professional degree is in all things animal.  I work in a small animal veterinary hospital that is owned by an equine vet.  If I don't know the answer, chances are I'll be able to find a professional who does.  Plus, there's no harm in asking.  If you're not satisfied it will not count towards your question quota.

  2. Can I renew my subscription if I hit the 20 question quota before my year is up?

    Absolutely.  If you like to ask lots of questions, you can renew as often as you like.

  3. Can I submit an image or video along with my question?

    Yes.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Sometimes a picture or video is helpful in understanding the question.  To submit pictures or videos just send a separate e-mail with the attachment to

  4. Do follow up questions count towards the 20 question quota?

    This will be on a question by question basis.  Two brief follow ups will be allowed, and will not count towards the 20 questions.  However if there is significant new information that's requested, it will be counted as a new question.  This will be my discretion.  You must fill out a new request for each question, but you do not need to fill out the husbandry (diet, environment, etc.) information unless something has changed.

  5. Can I ask multiple questions with one submission?

    You can ask multiple questions as long as they are regarding the same overall inquiry or problem.  Multiple problems or inquiries may count towards multiple questions on your 20 question quota.  This will be my discretion.

  6. I have multiple pets. Does my subscription cover questions for all of them?

    Yes.  Your 20 questions are not limited to one pet.

  7. Can I ask questions about a friend's pet?

    The purpose of this website is to answer questions you have regarding your own pets.  While there is no way for me to know whether the question is regarding your pet, I encourage you to have friends and family set up their own subscriptions.  Remember 25% goes directly towards helping the medical needs of shelter rabbits.

  8. Do I have to fill out the submission completely every time?

    You don't have to fill out the Submit Your Question form entirely every time.  However, the more information I have, the more precise your answer will be.

  9. Is there a way to sign up for "free"?

    There is currently no free memberships available.  When a non-member tries to access a members area, they will automatically be routed to a sign in page that has a link to register for free.  Unfortunately the "Register now for free!" link is something that was designed by the web host, Webs ID, and cannot be changed.  If you register through this link, your membership will not be approved until payment is received.  Sorry, no free rides.

  10. Will you contact my vet and tell them how to treat my rabbit?

    Once I reply to your question, that information is yours to do with as you please.  You are more than welcome to share that information with the veterinarian you are working with.  If your veterinarian would like to contact me directly, I am more than happy to provide my contact information.  However, I will not contact another veterinarian regarding patient care, unless requested by that veterinarian.

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