The Bunny HopLine

Welcome to the Bunny HopLine.  Now there’s a place to get all of your rabbit veterinary questions answered accurately!

  • Your own personal on-call rabbit vet
  • $49 for one year (less than an annual exam in most cases!)
  • Up to 20 inquiries per subscription
  • 25% of subscription fee goes directly towards CO-HRS veterinary costs
  • e-mails answered within 24 hours

Dr. Bill Guerrera is a rabbit savvy veterinarian who has been treating primarily rabbits for over 12 years.  He will offer advice tailored to your personal needs, answering questions regarding nutrition, husbandry, diseases, surgical procedures, treatment protocols, medications, supplements, geriatric care, quality of life concerns and whatever else you can think of.  For a nominal yearly subscription fee, you will have up to 20 inquiries answered to your satisfaction via e-mail within a 24-hour period, guaranteed*.  Plus, 25% of all subscription fees go directly towards defraying veterinary costs for the Colorado House Rabbit Society.


If you are not satisfied with your question’s reply, or it is not answered within 24 hours, it will not be counted towards the 20 question limit.  There will be no refunds for the subscription fee, and all subscriptions expire after 20 questions are satisfactorily answered or one year from sign up regardless of the number of questions answered (whichever occurs first).  In the unlikely event that Dr. Guerrera is unable to provide services as stated above, a knowledgeable substitute veterinarian will be provided.



  • "Dr. Guerrera is the best thing that ever happened to rabbits in our area! When no one else can diagnose a problem, he'll take it on, and won't quit until he's succeeded. H..."
    Incredibly satisfied chapter manager
  • "Receiving your advise saved Beethoven's life. Beethoven was diagnosed with Psuedomonas in his middle ear. After almost one year of treating the ear with oral antibiotics, inje..."
    Bulla Osteotomy for Beethoven